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Nicolette Elzie
  • Wants to swap ebooks or audio with KU and wide authors
  • Is offering a feature: your book will be featured above other books
  • Wants to swap for sales or signups
  • Genres:
    • Romance / Dark
    • Romance / Fantasy/Sci-Fi
    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Fantasy

Additional Information

Fantasy, Sci-fi, PNR, Magical Realism NL/Sales Swaps

NL stats
* Open Rate: 51.43%
* Click Rate: 4.92%

My list LOVES all subgenres of Fantasy (portal, sword and sorcery, epic, low, urban), Sci-Fi, PNR, Magical Realism, and Time Travel stories with some form of romance. All spice levels are welcome so long as the cover is discreet.

Morally grey men, villains who get the girl, and anti-heroes are my list's FAVS.

Looking to Swap

There are no more dates available for this swap.